Our training is accredited by SFJ Awards, part of the Workforce Development Trust - a not-for-profit organisation helping employers to cultivate their ultimate workforce through increasing productivity, improving learning supplies and helping to boost the skills of the UK’s employees.  

Individual Accreditation

Our apps come with an individual accreditation certificate included, providing you with evidence of your professional development.  Once you have passed the assessable elements of the training, simply click the accreditation tile within the app to generate your certificate.  

To maintain your accreditation, all you need to do is undertake the assessable elements of the app on an annual basis.    

Organisational Accreditation

SFJ Awards offer organisational accreditation for our Accredited Training apps, a beneficial way of demonstrating your business resilience commitment to customer and clients.    

This accreditation is offered to businesses with a minimum of 6 employees, where 50% of staff have successfully completed the app (and generated their individual accreditation certificate).  

The price of this accreditation includes an e-certificate and website/stationary badge (hard copy certificates are available on request at additional cost).

Organisational Accreditation (per year)

Micro Businesses (1-9 employees) £50.00
Small Businesses
(10-49 employees ) £75.00
Medium Businesses 
(50-249 employees) £100.00
Large Businesses
(250+ employees) £150.00

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